Youth Group

Welcome To SPYG! SPYG stands for St. Pete’s Youth Group. SPYG is all about shining the light and love of Christ on our youth, as well as giving them the tools and opportunities to shine light and love on the rest of the world! SPYG is not limited to only youth from the congregation, many youth from outside St Pete’s join us regularly for SPYG meetings and events. Our youth are involved in a myriad of leadership and outreach roles both inside the congregation and in the community. SPYG is all about building relationships – with each other, and with Christ. In the Youth Group Tab in the menu at the top of the page, you can find information and resources about the different things SPYG does!

SPYG is open to all current middle and high school age youth (6th through 12th grade).
We do occasionally hold events for just middle schoolers or just high schoolers, and sometimes for young adults! Meetings are typically once or twice a month on Sunday evenings. We also hold retreats, overnight lock-ins, fundraisers, day trips, and camps throughout the year!

SPYG Jr. is open to all current elementary schoolers (kindergarten through 5th grade).
We meet once a month, Sunday afternoons after church! Our Jr. meetings always have lunch served during them. Our SPYG Jr. meetings are assisted by the older SPYG members, who help to create and run both the craft and the sessions during the meetings

For more information, reach out to our Director of Youth Ministry, Kellen Michalowski, at

Follow us on Instagram @st.peteryg, Facebook at St Pete’s Mechanicsburg Youth Group, and YouTube at SPYG St. Pete’s Mechanicsburg to see what we are up to!