Youth Advisors

SPYG offers plenty of opportunities for those who wish to get involved with the youth group. Our advisors hold a variety of responsibilities that they choose to take on, including writing curriculum, leading sessions, chaperoning trips, moderating social media accounts, and outreach. Any SPYG alumni are more than welcome to come back whenever they can to be an advisor, as well as any parents or members of the congregation. Come to a meeting and see what it’s all about! You can also contact us at

Any youth who wish to take on more leadership roles are more than welcome! Just talk to us to see how we can help develop your leadership abilities!

Youth advisors are held to a higher standard than a member of SPYG. These expectations can be discussed with the Director of Youth Ministry.

Youth Advisors are required to have state and federal clearances in order to attend meetings and trips with us. These same clearances are required to be a counselor at Confirmation Camp. Copies of all advisor clearances are kept on file with the church. These clearances are free for volunteers, and are detailed below.


In order to fill out your clearances, you will need to follow the three links on this page. Have the following information on hand while filling out your clearances: Social Security number, current address and contact information, and the address of everywhere you’ve lived in the past 10 years, and contact information of anyone you have lived with in the past 10 years. You must submit all 3 clearances to be a youth advisor for SPYG.

IMPORTANT: Save the PDF files you receive upon completing the first two clearances. They may be immediately available or emailed to you up to 2 weeks after you apply for them. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SAVE THESE. If you are filling out your clearances as an SPYG advisor, please email a copy of these PDFs to The same goes for your FBI Check/affidavit. If these clearances are for another organization, make sure you send the pertinent parties these documents.

This is the PA child abuse clearance.

This is the PA State Police background check.

Self Disclosure Affidavit/FBI Form

This must be signed yearly if: you do not have the fingerprint clearance and have been a PA resident for the last 10 years. If you have not been a resident of PA for the last 10 years and need the FBI Fingerprinting clearance, please click here.