Staff & Leadership


Alex Martini

Jenny Bates,
Parish Administrative Assistant

Joelle Beck,
Director, GLEE

Kellen Michalowski, Director of Youth Ministry
Karl Segletes,
Director of Music Ministry

Emily Koons,

Council Retreat 2020

Council Officers

President – Pam Ringhoffer
Vice President – Rena Reinhart
Secretary – Cheryl Fratus

Council Members

Priss Bashore – Stewardship
Marlene Bohr – Christian Education
Joyce Bowers – GLEE & WEE Liaison
Bob Eichinger – Finance
Kim Eichinger – Evangelism
Carol Forbes – Social Ministry
Cheryl Fratus –Christian Caregiving
Melissa McCord – Fellowship Liaison
Beth Peffer – Family & Youth Ministry
Rena Reinhart- Communications
Ed Strevig – Safety & Security Liaison

Associate Treasurers – Tom Draude & Jim King
Finance Chair – Bob Eichinger
Financial Secretaries – Rick & Bonnie Allen

Organizational Leaders

Cleaning Contractors – Sopp Family
Grocery Gift Cards – Priss Bashore & Tom Draude
ELCW President – Joyce Bowers
ELCW Treasurer – Carolyn King
Fellowship Chair – Craig Nelson
Ladies Ensemble Director – Priss Bashore
Lutheran Camping Liaison – Anna Montgomery
Mens Group President – Bob Eichinger
Property – Clyde Forbes (Outside) & Craig Nelson (Inside)
Safety & Security Chair – Bill Laubenheimer
VBS – Clare Laubenheimer
Worship & Music Chair – Susan Hensel